Going Deeper To Deliver Better Outcomes

Designed to handle ultra-heavy liners and maximize fluid bypass, our hydraulically actuated pocketed slip liner hanger and patented advanced ECS liner packer are the ideal solution for heavy and ultra-heavy liners that may require hole reaming to get them to the bottom.

With a proven success rate, we deliver the most consistent liner performance you need to get the job done right.

Raising Performance, Reducing Costs

Our industry-leading solution provides both performance and cost-savings benefits. A single-mandrel design and the elimination of multiple casing threads reduce leak paths and lower costs.

In addition, pocketed slips reduce the risk of damage during installation and reaming, saving the operator’s time while avoiding added expense.

Experienced Installation Services And Engineering Expertise

To ensure the best outcome, we support you with expert installation services and the engineering experience that comes from professionals who have built their careers with oilfield organizations.

Innovative Features


The liner hanger is set via applied pressure internal to the work string. No manipulation of the work string is required other than simply slacking off onto the slips once the setting pressure is reached. When run in combination with our plug systems, the setting ball is caught in the landing collar ball catcher.

This greatly reduces the risk of damaging the formation after setting the hanger and releasing the setting ball. When run in combination with the DH-1 or DH-2 liner running tool, the liner may be drilled down with the work string in compression and released hydraulically.

Responsive Solutions

When You Need Them

Part of ATC’s commitment to excellence is ensuring that we’re able to respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs, as well as delivering excellent service every time.

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