ATC’s line of mechanical liner hangers is designed for a variety of applications and for wells that require light to ultra-heavy hangers.

Our dedicated team of completion professionals will work with you to find the hanger that will maximize production at your site while ensuring successful installation and well completion along the way.

After installation, our quick response team is available to ensure that your well remains producing, even as the situation on the ground develops.

Mechanical Liner Hangers

Eagle Single Cone Hanger

The Eagle Single Cone Hanger is designed for light to medium loads and is perfect for cost-effective applications. It’s equipped with a semi-slip feature to deliver improved bite and load disbursement on wellbores with up to 40 degrees of deviation.

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Eagle Dual Cone Hanger

Our standard, mechanically-set dual cone hanger is designed for applications with medium to heavy liners and is suitable for wellbores with up to 40 degrees of standard deviation.

It features two sets of hanging cones and slips that provide higher hanging capacities, and a lay-down slip profile reduces the risk of damage during installation.

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Eagle Premium Slip Hanger

Our premier slip hanger is designed for ultra-heavy applications that may require manipulation during the installation process.

It features a bi-directional, seal-boosting packer to ensure tight seals and its single-mandrel design reduces leak paths and lowers costs.

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Responsive Solutions

When You Need Them

Part of ATC’s commitment to excellence is ensuring that we’re able to respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs, as well as delivering excellent service every time.

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