Every well in the world has unique needs, be it because of the surrounding environment or otherwise.

As part of ATC’s dedication to providing unparalleled client care and nimble response to their needs, we offer custom manufacturing and engineering services.

No matter what your well’s unique situation is, we’re able to adapt and manufacture a solution that will increase efficiency and maximize your production.

Manufacturing Capabilities

ATC opened a 20-acre manufacturing facility in 2014, and since then we’ve been providing nimble, customized solutions for our clients’ problems even as they develop on the ground.

Our machinists include experienced manual and CNC lathe operations. We use modern technologies like 3D printing to prototype and test quickly, allowing us to meet needs on the fly and at scale more quickly than competitors.

ATC manufactures and assembles 90% of all products in our in-house 20,000 square foot Montgomery, Texas facility. This allows ATC to maintain very high quality control of all our products.


ATC’s dedicated engineering team is able to meet the complex demands of our clients, including developing situations. Our engineering team is also responsible for testing, analysis, and QCing all our house-designed and manufactured parts.

ATC maintains a 100% test rate on all products. Each piece undergoes both shear and pressure tests to ensure that its installation is smooth and its long-term performance guaranteed.

Our engineers are also available for consulting. If you have a site problem and need a solution, we have an operations engineer available 24/7 and ready to work through any problem, no matter how complex it may be.

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Responsive Solutions

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Part of ATC’s commitment to excellence is ensuring that we’re able to respond quickly and efficiently to our client’s needs, as well as delivering excellent service every time.

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